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Learn A Simple Golf Swing: The Golf Swing Is Easier Than You Think!

You want to learn a simple golf swing because you want to play better golf without needing hundreds of lessons or having to practice hours every week correct?

Well the good news is my frustrated golfing friend, that golfing nirvana can be a reality.

But first we must begin to look at golf instruction a bit differently to what you have been accustomed too and what you most likely have been spending your time thinking about and practicing. Such as so much emphasis on positions in your swing and trying to “place” your body into these holy grail positions that you have been led to believe will lead you to more power for your golf swing as well as more consistency.

You see when you start to look at golf instruction differently, you will begin to notice a great deal of paradigm blindness when it comes to common sense and begin to experience golf as a natural movement that you are in fact, perfectly primed to execute well.

A simple golf swing is attainable when you stop chasing the technical focus so much


For example how has the past couple of decades of more recently high technology approach to golf helped you improve your golf game?

Is the complicated methods, swing positions and technique actually helped you see significant improvement to your golf golf game?

  • Has your distance improved?
  • Have you become more consistent?
  • Are your scores lower?
  • Are you enjoying the game more?

If not in measurable doses, then this simple golf swing approach is your very best bet to play better your golf.

Shawn Clement has helped hundreds of thousands golfers learn a simple golf swing, experience effortless and enjoyable golf.

And now my friend it’s your turn.

Shawn Clement Simple golf

Welcome to a new beginning and to a happy, better golf game.

But this is just the start.

We have some more lessons with Shawn coming up and look forward to bringing you a golf lesson series that not only will help you learn a simple golf swing faster and easier than you thought possible but it will free your mind and body for strain free golf.

Shawn Clement’s methods are sometimes challenged, but you decide for yourself and if it “clicks” you will be on your way to much better happier golf.

Golf instruction as you know it is killing your golf game. It’s time for simple golf principles and no more b.s so you can play better golf.

Keep your eye out for some more lessons that will give you a faster track to better golf and help you learn a simple golf swing.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey


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  1. Alfred Sliwinski

    Glad to see you hooked up with Shawn. I follow him on YouTube and am a member of his Premium Wisdom of Golf Channel. His ideas and yours compliment each other well.

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