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How To Increase Distance By 20 Yards and Cut Scores Instantly (Really)

How To Increase Golf Distance By 20 Yards and Slash Scores Instantly

Alex Fortey shares this great golf lesson that will help you easily improve your contact for your golf swing by explaining some important concepts and feel you need to have more power in your golf swing and more consistency.

Too many golfers are so tense when they play that it kills a golf swing and results. Here Alex Fortey explains what happened when he played with golfer who the day prior shot a 92. But after following some simple golf tips was hitting the drives 20 yards further, had more consistent golf shots and who’s confidence sky rocketed after just 4 holes of playing.

Main points in the golf lesson video are;

  • Don’t pause too long over ball
  • Remove tension
  • Pick target and shot shape
  • Smooth swing
  • Full golf swing finish

Not rocket science but it can help you play your best golf.

The Art of Simple Golf mission is to give you a golf swing lesson that increases distance and consistency that gives you the ball striking you want on the golf course .

This will give you more consistency on all your golf shots

Want to become an instinctive better golfer?

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