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Simple Baseball Grip For More Power For Golf And Consistency Too

Increase Power For Golf And Consistency Too With A Baseball Grip

If you find your self often losing control with the club and constantly looking for more distance then this very simple golf tip could well be your answer.

The baseball grip is often thought of for just juniors and female golfers due to size of hands but there is many results to prove that golfers of all ages and levels may benefit from trying a new grip that gives more support, feels more natural and ultimately produces a better golf swing.

We have a video called “Lessons from Life and Baseball golf swing” that is very popular and introduces the concept that a simple golf swing can be had when you use simple instruction and methods that allow for a natural golf swing. And swinging a baseball bat does just that.

We can take it a little further and if you apply what’s known as the baseball grip you will find more control and power for golf and consistency in your swing too.

Too many golf instructors make you use the traditional, overlapping golf grip which of course works well, but it may not work for you…

Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Jack Nicklaus all use the interlocking grip. This gives them the control on the golf club that they are after. I started out myself using the interlocking grip and was made to change, I still often think about going back to that grip too and one day soon I just might.

Tiger simple golf grip interlocking power for golf

But the baseball grip will give a firm yet free feeling on the golf club and will help your brain think less about golf and more about slashing and swinging an implement like a grass cutting tool or an axe.

You still want to make sure the “V’s” and the knuckles are in the right places and with your training (my right) hand you almost feel like you are holding a knife to cut apples with. A bit like a trigger finger.

But please try the baseball grip for one or a few practice sessions and you may be surprised at the result you accomplish.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Alex Fortey


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