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Simple Golf Tip To Stop Feeling Back Pain And Improve Ball Striking

Simple Golf Tip To Stop Feeling Back Pain And Improve Ball Striking


It’s nearing the end of the golf season for many of you and by now, back pain in your golf swing is a common occurrence. So you can improve your consistency and increase your golf swing speed as well as reduce and even avoid back pain during or post round, I wanted to share a really effective and important simple golf tip that you can apply no matter your level or age.

So many golfers today are riddled with pains throughout their body. From rotator cuff, to ankle, to shin splints, to lower back pain.

If golf is approached correctly, with a strain free, natural and simple golf swing  pain should not be present.

To prevent lower back pain, one crucial principle must be applied and you can see that simple tip for your golf swing below.

I am very particular with working on my golf flexibility and mobility in many key areas such as the hips, hamstrings etc. Also, I spend 5 days in the gym working on weight training to keep myself strong and develop my core strength.

But alas… back pain due to my tall stature and build still can occur.

This is very frustrating for me as my swing is smooth, free flowing and avoids the common mistakes of resistance that most golfers face. (if you want to learn a big distance and back killing swing instruction myth ) Check the distance myth and pain causes swing fault here.


Alex Fortey golf swing back pain

When I set up to the ball, I naturally have a little too much curve in my lower back, placing tension. During my fast swing, this causes even further tension on the extensor muscles. Something that is not good for my back (or my golf swing!)

So what can I do to fix this?

I need to find the neutral point in my setup.

Doing this makes the pelvis flow on a natural plane. It activates the core, alleviating the pressure on back (and adding power!), allowing for a smoother through swing.

Immediately your golf swing will feel better when adjusted into a neutral position at address, and maintained through the swing.

Put this into practice, and your golf swing, your iron and driver distances, scores, and lower back will really
thank you for it.

But, as with anything, be sure you keep on top of it.

See the Pre round warm up and post round stretching routine here; http://athleticgolftraining.com/7-minutes-pre-and-post-round-routines

This golf swing tip will not only reduce the risk of back pain though, it will substantially improve your consistency and power your produce in your swing.

You see when the correct pelvic movement through the golf occurs, everything is under less strain or force so the body will flow naturally. In turn, this allows for a fluid, smooth swing that has less compensations in it.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your coach

Alex Fortey

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3 Responses

  1. Anne

    Hi Alex this is a very valuable tip- I saw an earlier version of it and it has really saved my back!
    As well as giving me some extra yards. Jack Poorhouse had a verbal description on his break 80 program which I could not follow
    I subscribed recently to Deadly from 100 yards etc and was placed in last weeks competition,
    it would have been even better if I had warmed up before the round because I had two bad first holes. I bought your 7 min Warm up method a few months ago and I MUST find it and start using it. If I can’t find it you might re send me access
    I think your stuff is brilliant , esp the loop with the pitch and chip shots, and you have an amazing swing. Also have firmed up my grip a little for the short shots and that works too.

    1. admin

      This is such good news Anne! Keep at it and please let us know if you can’t find the 7 Minutes to power and performance as can resend access for you no problem!

      Keep it up! We should use you as another testimonial for Deadly;-)

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