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Perfect Backswing Plane And Placement: Lift Arms Simple Golf Swing Drill

Perfect Backswing Plane And Placement: Lift Arms Simple Golf Swing Drill

A lot of you get confused in the movement of the golf swing. You get so bogged down with a technique that it’s just making it complicated.

It’s also going against how you’re sort of wired and built as a human being.

So what I’m talking about is when you trying to create this shape of a golf swing that you see on television.

Whatever a lot of you would be drawing the arms back here to try and make that turn to try and get that sort of full golf swing but there are two key things I want to talk about.

We’re looking in the swing is a turn and an elevation doesn’t mean we’re sort of disjointed but that’s how the arms move the arms don’t really move naturally there.

If I show you this way if I have my arms I front and I try to turn around this without turning my upper body see bent position that’s what a lot of you will get into so I see a lot of this and then from there it’s going to be really hard to make a golf shot.

If we start thinking about the golf swing on how the arms move naturally which is up in this direction and there’s a perfect drill that we can do but there’s checkpoint you in a second all we need to do is raised those arms in front.

In this golf lesson, you will see that lifting the arms on the backswing separately can give you the perfect plane and position.

It’s a simple golf swing drill that really breaks down the golf swing move to be effective that anyone can do.

Try this to feel how your ideal backswing can be to be effective to give more swing speed and golf power. To have a good golf swing you need.

Stability, balance, natural mechanics, simple thoughts. And when you use velocity, sequence and use the ground correctly in the golf swing you can achieve all of these a lot easier.

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