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Learn A Simple Golf Swing In 2 Moves – Push and Pull

You can learn a simple golf swing with these two easy moves.

If you want more accuracy, ball striking consistency and even an increase of distances then you want to learn a golf swing that you can rely on and one that does not require dozens of swing thoughts because if you are thinking about positions, rotating, hinging, pivoting and so forth, you chances of actually executing a good shot is beyond realistic.

To learn a simple golf swing and then be able to execute it consistently, we need it to not be complicated or confusing.

So we must keep the swing thoughts, (if any at all are required) to a bare minimum and this simple golf swing lesson will do just that.

We all have a dominant side so our golf swing struggles because of it. It can cause you to be off a natural plane, whip the club on the inside and come over the top and reduce power too!

Golf Simple golf swing natural

But there is good way to combat a dominant sided golf swing and have an easy to execute action to play better golf with and this two step swing has helped many folks so it’s worth a try to see how it works for you.

Here’s how to learn a simple golf swing in two moves…

It’s as simple as getting into a good address position with a solid grip.

As always you need to focus on the direction and shot shape you want.

Now with your lead arm (my left arm) you want to feel like you are pushing the club away. it’s still feeling like both hands to push away from your target and in sync with your hips and belly button.

Now into transition…

Feel like you are pulling through. Not down at the ball but through to the target.

This is to take you though to a full finish.Enjoy and please give this a try.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey.

If you want a blueprint to revolutionize your golf game then the “Complete Golf Wisdom” Video series is just what you need to learn a simple golf swing and finally play much better golf!

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