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How To Hit Driver Longer And Straighter With A Simple Baseball Swing Drill

Golf swing how to hit drives longer and Straighter with a baseball swing.

Alex Fortey explains in this golf lesson video, how to hit longer drives in golf.

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Here is a very simple golf tip from Alex Fortey of The Art Of Simple Golf sharing how baseball swings and shallow the golf swing plane and angle of attack is one of the most effective ways to increase swing speed, improve consistency and have a very simple golf swing that you can dial in and rely on most of the time.

The feeling that a baseball swing creates a shallow of the golf swing and a nice feel of connection, timing , rotation of the body and natural golf swing lag.

It’s actually quite amazing how good it is at instantly improving your golf swing

Get more lag in your golf swing.

How most of you are going about increasing lag is actually killing your golf swing and speed. When you understand exactly how to hit driver straight, you will be amazed at the consistency you get in your golf swing and also more power and compression in your golf shot.

Please watch: “More Golf Swing Power Listen and Launch”


Learn how to hit driver longer and straighter with this great program;

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Golf: How To Hit Driver Longer and Straighter With Baseball Swings – Alex Fortey: https://youtu.be/iYnA1ytJBhQ

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