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Golf Swing Towel Drill For Width and Consistency in Your Downswing

Improve your golf swing and your downswing with this practice drill

You can also use this practice drill at home to improve your golf downswing. When a golf swing becomes too narrow it causes an arm action that is inconsistent and weak on power. But when there is consistent width, lag and shallowing during the downswing much more accurate and consistent contact occurs and this really simple golf swing drill with just a towel does that.

You simply take a grip with a towel or ribbon in the right hand and place a normal grip o the golf club. With the left hand, you hold the other end of the towel and hold firm in the center of the sternum.

You now are forced to keep constant tension and width as you make the backswing and downswing. Give this drill a try and really as bad weather happens it is great to use at home or on the practice range.

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2 Responses

  1. Chris

    You’re maintaining width through the entire swing which looks fantastic. However, everything I’ve ever read says you’re supposed to go wide on the baskswing, then narrow as you approach impact then wide again after impact and all the way through to the finish. Is the old advice incorrect?

    1. admin

      No. There is still a narrowing due to leverage. It’s just we are keeping the arm club unit and body in a consistent arc. With golf, there are feels and drill that can help us in key areas. If you get too narrow, collapse of have not so great connection, this drill is great! Thanks

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