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How To Compress The Golf Ball With Pump Drill | Compress Iron Shots

How To Compress The Golf Ball With Pump Drill | Compress Iron Shots

Simple golf swing drill for more compression. Let’s learn how to compress the golf ball with the pump drill. Click here for a great free golf game series. A golf swing that produces compression is what will give penetrating ball flight, more power and consistency. These are not that easy to accomplish the way most of you swing a golf club. But this effective and simple golf swing drill can help give you that feel of compression resulting in better golf shots that may even impress you and your golfing friends. Today’s golf lesson Alex Fortey from Art of Simple golf discusses the simple golf lesson. In this video we know compress the golf ball. We want to not be flipping up too much, we want to feel like, we’re compressing down, There’s going to give us the penetrating ball flight that you want and here’s a very quick lesson on how to do that you know a lot of. You will fan the club open as you come through the ball. We’re coming back down and you have to rotate either the body or the hands to try and square the club face up or we end up hanging back and flipping it a bit too much but with this little pump drill where we’ve got the club pointing much nearer the ball from this position we pump and then we extend through and what happens.

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