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Best Golf Swing For Less Pain More And Power: Use Your Legs!

Best Golf Swing Lesson For Less Back Pain and More Power: Use Your Legs!

The Art of Simple Golf brings you more golf tips that are simple, natural and common sense.

In this golf video Alex Fortey explains that hitting at the ball like too many of you do causes back for golf for one thing as well as causing inconsistent golf shots and robbing you of distance.

3 bad things for you and your golf game right?!

When you look at the golf swing more from a common sense approach it becomes so much easier to have a golf game and the best golf swing for less pain and more power.

It’s quite personal to me because throughout my golf career, back pain has hindered me at times.

Even though I am flexible for golf and I use fitness for golf and that my golf swing is natural and strain free… Rhythm in my golf swing is important too. However at times my tendency is often to use too much upper body and be dominant with it to create my powerful golf swing.

My legs are sometimes too quiet.

golf fitness exercise for power

And I wager, like I demonstrate in the simple golf tips video, yours are too.

The reason why this can hurt the golf swing is because there is too much pivot around the hips even if you allow turning them open more.

To improve you golf swing you need to get you legs into it more. If you were to throw a ball (see one of our best golf lessons here) down the range, you would use the legs to generate power. You would not just use your upper body which is something that most golfers do.

This creates back pain for one thing but also will hurt consistency and power in your golf swing.

So try throwing some balls or clubs down the range and use you legs to toss and generate power. You will see a difference.

Then when you pick a club to strike a ball, really feel the same action and thrust from the ground to generate effortless power in your golf swing.

  1. Pick your target.
  2. Feel an athletic, dynamic set up to the ball.
  3. Make a nice smooth swing
  4. Feel the weight of the club
  5. Use the legs to generate bounce and thrust to swing through to your finish position.
  6. Don’t worry about where the ball goes.

This simple golf swing tip may well be one of the best golf swing lessons you apply and your consistency, swing speed and scores will be better I hope.

Oh and much less back pain form golf too!

This is Golf. Simplified

P.S If you want to learn some amazing yet common sense reasons you are inconsistent you need to see these lessons for FREE!

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2 Responses

  1. Alex ,Fine and useful lesson .You should say how to use THE legs .Inmy case ,I do two things : First ,push forward from THE right insole .Second ,push THE left buttock ( cheek ) back and at a 45° angle forward ) This puts THE momentum forwards .I also try to ” sspring up ” from THE ground .as you rightly démonstrate .

  2. Grr

    Agree 100% I would say not using the legs is the Number 1 fault in golfers that learnt the game as adults. Kids learn to use their legs because of the weight of the club and that they dont have the upperbody strength.
    Worryingly I recently played against the county juniors and because of the latest teaching fashion some had very passive legs.
    Obviously as well as being to strong in the upper body the fact that golf is a passive rather than a dynamic moving sport freezes the instinctive co-ordination of the legs.
    Having learnt the game as a senior I have learnt to use my legs/hips so much better that today I shot 3 over!

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