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Backswing Sequence Simple Drill to Find Your Slot and Timing

Backswing Sequence Simple Drill to Find Your Slot and Timing. Golf swing tips for your backswing.

This is about the backswing sequence now there is a sequence to it but we don’t want to make it too complicated we want to still make it instinctive.

But there is a little drill that we can use that sort of gives you immediate feedback. So you don’t rush or get out of well out of sequence really for the ideal golf swing to give you the consistency power all that stuff without you having to think too much about it.

We have a regular iron shot here but what sequence do we want to think about you know when we’ re on the golf course you’re probably thinking a lot of you know too many thoughts kill the golf swing.

Probably still want to have a nice swing thought for the day so you know you can get in the right sort of placement and the right feels that you want to execute the shot.

Here Alex Fortey demonstrated a great practice drill that gets you to feel an ideal backswing sequence that helps with timing, connection and will help you have a natural golf swing.

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